Ordaining Scott!

Throughout history God has called persons to carry out God’s mission. Noah was called to build an ark to save his family and start a new course for humanity. Abraham was called to embark on a journey westward that would result in the creation of God’s special people, Israel. Moses was called to deliver that special people from slavery and lead them back to the land that God has promised Abraham. Jesus called twelve ordinary men to become extraordinary agents in the creation of God’s new special people, the Church. Then these twelve men called others out of spiritual slavery and to lead them back to the God that loves them. And those called have been calling others ever since.

Today, January 8, 2017, we come to formally and finally ordain our brother, Scott Durbin, to the ministry that God has called him to. In our efforts to continue the mission of God and to expand the borders of God’s people, we, in a tradition that extends back thousands of years, ask that God set apart Scott and to continue using him to spread truth and love to those seeking hope and reconciliation in a dark and broken world.


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