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Current Sermon Series: “First Christmas (Matthew 1-2)”

Previous Sermon Series: “Discipleship (Sermon on the Mount)”

Previous Sermon Series: “Summer in the Psalms (Songs of Ascent)”

  • Sunday, July 26: “Summer in the Psalms (7): How Good and Pleasant” (Psalm 133)
  • Sunday, July 19: “Summer in the Psalms (6): Out of the Depths I Cry” (Psalm 130)
  • Sunday, July 12: “Summer in the Psalms (5): Blessed Is Everyone Who Fears YHWH” (Psalm 128)
  • Sunday, July 5: “Summer in the Psalms (4): When YHWH Restored” (Psalm 126)
  • Sunday, June 28: “Summer in the Psalms (3): If It Had Not Been for YHWH” (Psalm 124)
  • Sunday, June 21: “Summer in the Psalms (2): I Lift My Eyes” (Psalm 121)
  • Sunday, June 14: “Summer in the Psalms (1): In My Distress” (Psalm 120)

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