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Current Sermon Series: “Summer in the Psalms”

  • Sunday, June 16: “Summer in the Psalms (2): Praying for the Nation” (Psalm 44)

Previous Sermon Series: “Easter for All!”

  • Sunday, May 26: “Easter for All (5): Going the Distance” (Acts 16:9-15)
  • Sunday, May 19: “Easter for All (4): Defeating Disease and Death” (Acts 9:32-43)
  • Sunday, May 12: “Easter for All (3): Embracing the Enemy” (Acts 9:1-22)
  • Sunday, May 5: “Easter for All (2): Defending the Good News” (Acts 5:27-32)
  • Sunday, April 21: “Easter for All (1): Breaking the Rules” (Acts 10)

Previous Sermon Series: “A Time For…: Meditations on Ecclesiastes”

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